Awesome thanks:

To remove Branding from our style once purchased navigate to ACP -> Style Properties (Your Style) -> [XB] XenBase and Style Version.

Check the box that says "Remove Footer Copyright"

I clicked reset now no changes are displaying :(

You can see the changes i made in the ACP but it reverted to the default colors even though Im on the child style that you instructed to set up.
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Ughhh again it goes back to the default settings.....

Is this going to keep happening??

EDIT: I delete cookies... refresh and its WAI. As soon as I log in... it goes back to default settings. Refresh... default settings. If I delete cookies again... and refresh? All settings are WAI HOWEVER it logs me OUT!

When I log back in again.... it goes back to default settings.....

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Forgot to mention, the style chooser will only show to the public if there are more than 1 styles available, admins will always see it unless removed from the footer template.

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