Not sure why..... I replaced the logo.png file with my website's logo, but my Flat Awesome test site still shows the original logo. Then I purchased the branding free and followed the instruction. It only removed the right bottom corner's branding and the Flat Awesome log is still on the left top.

Here is the file I replaced:

Did I do anything wrong?

You can also disable the text base logo in the flat awesome properties.

By purchasing the branding removal it allows you to remove the copyright link at the bottom of the page(our link). That's in the flat awesome properties too.
Thanks! Logo works great now! One question:

The style design seems to be "Fixed". Is there any way to set only the front pages (including Media and Resources's front page) and each forum's front pages to be FIXED, but the actual thread pages are Fluid layout?

The reason is the front pages have very short thread topics. A fixed design looks right. But for each thread's layout, because the content could be so many paragraphs and wide photos, a fluid layout works better.

I found the followings 2 settings. It looks like only the 2nd one, "Responsive Design" could be used for global layout changes. I think the default setting is 1028 pixels (not sure if this will look very narrow on the newest 5k pixels iMac....??).

Any idea?

Apparance > Styles > Flat Awesome > General > Page Width Controller
Apparance > Styles > Flat Awesome > Responsive Design

I suppose it could with a little work. If you wanted too you could go to the general -> page width controller

Change the max-width to something much larger, 1400px.

You can also target specific pages using the class inside the body tag:

.forum_list .pageWidth
max-width: 90%;

Would set a fluid look just on the forums. May take a little work to get it to where you want through the style though.
I just found a bug. There is no UBB codes and editing icons above the reply thread window. If I click More Options, it still shows nothing above the writing window. You can see the attached PDF file. Or this example on my testing site:


BTW, the structures of my style looks like this:

In that flatawesome folder, there are the followings file and 3 folders:

Any idea?



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Can you take a look? I downloaded the file and re-upload again. The problem is still same. The editing icons are missing, but oddly all other things are there except the Write Your Reply window and More Options' Writing Reply page. Please take a look the attached photo.



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