I'm using BOLT and I can't get the "Stick specific div (define below)" to work.

Here is my settings

Screenshot 2022-06-17 at 11.16.12.png

Here is the code I'm using for the HTML widget

HTML widget Block Code:
<div class="block stickyad">
    <div class="block-container">
        <div class="block-body block-row">
            <xf:macro template="siropu_ads_manager_ad_macros" name="ad_unit" arg-position="Sticky_Bottom_Sidebar" />


Thank you

Looking at your site, would it load on the forum index? I'm inspecting the ad in the sidebar but I'm not seeing the HTML in your post . I understand you're creating a position in the ad manager, but the surrounding code isn't loading. Where are you inserting this?
Interesting, it may be a bug. I'll need to deeper dive as this was working in previous releases. For now, try adding this to your extra.less:

@media (min-width: (@xf-responsiveWide  + 1))
.p-body-main { height: 100%; }
Hey @grant

Missed your follow up reply, I'm so sorry!

Can you double check you placed the CSS in the correct template?

Your site:

My test site with the CSS added.

Unless you removed it because it wasn't working, in which case can you try re-adding it?
Okay, I've tried it again and it works sometimes - I'm going to import BOLT as a new template and see if that works better - possibly something I've edited has made it weird


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