I've just upgraded to the latest version of Core and my PAGE_CONTAINER shows as being outdated.

When I try to merge it I get the following:

No previous version of the parent could be found. Merging is not possible.

Any ideas?
Did you by chance run the style upgrade before the forum upgrade?

Honestly I'm still trying to figure the whole merge thing out in regards to when it's available. Are you using a child of core, or just the style core itself.
Forum upgrade was done first.

I'm using a child of Core as my main style.

I'd have to run some tests to see when it's available, but for now I'd just copy the contents of your page_container, revert and re-apply.

I think the only thing I fixed was the breadcrumb spacing, it isn't in the mainContent anymore(it was a glitch with a previous release).

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