Change to our 1.x product line

I'm excited to share with you a change on all of our XenForo 1.x styles. We're moving our entire XenForo 1.x product line into a single product, this means by buying the pack you get access to all of our paid XenForo 1.x styles.

A few key notes:
  • Price will still be $25 per year, renewal will be $20 for an additional year
  • Normal license agreement still applies meaning you can only run them on a single live site. If you have two forums you'd need to pick up an additional license
  • This pack will act as a brand new product, we will not automatically convert a license over to this new product. We feel like if you're running XF2 and have no desire to run XF1.x anymore you really shouldn't be spammed with those update notices. However, if you still run XF1.x and wish to continue to receive updates for the XF1.x product line just submit a ticket and we'll activate a license for you. We will keep the same license timeline, so if you have 6 months left... you'll get 6 months worth of updates on the pack. Please note this will remove your existing 2.0 style license (per the license terms you can only run one license per site anyways)
  • Purchasing this pack does not get you a free upgrade to the 2.x styles down the road
  • Support will be provided in a new single support area, no more separate 1.x / 2.x support/bug areas
What do I need to do?
If you're running 2.x and have no plans on returning to 1.x then you don't need to do anything. If you want to still receive updates just submit a ticket and let us know, we'll get the license sorted for you.

Why the change?
Simply put, the main focus moving forward will be our 2.x line. We will still be updating these styles over time but they really won't be receiving new features. We feel this is a fair balance so we can still provide the excellent support we always have.

When is the change?
This change is active as of our new site upgrade (09/23/2018).

Thank you as always everyone.
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So I would have to do this for every 1.5 style I have? I guess I’ll just upgrade to 2.0
So I would have to do this for every 1.5 style I have? I guess I’ll just upgrade to 2.0
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You really only need to do one thing, submit a ticket.

For example, if you own 5 licenses and run 5 forums, 2 of which are on 2.0, just let us know that and we'll convert the other 3 to the 1.x package. We will as always... make this as easy as possible.

Just remember I'll be the one converting the license, you just need to let me know which you wanted converted if any.

Pre-Sale Questions

If you have any questions or concerns you want to ask before you make a purchase don't hesitate to use one of our multiple support channels for your convenience.