How do I change the color of the following elements in FlatAwesome+?
  1. nav (not the tabs, but the rest of the nav)
  2. XFRM sidebar categories block header.
  3. XFRM sidebar top resources block header.
  4. XFRM sidebar most active authors block header.
  5. AMS sidebar Categories block header
  6. AMS sidebar Articles block header
  7. The grey border on the footer that has the style chooser and contact us.
1.) Style Properties -> Header and Navigation -> Nav Tabs

2-6 .) should all be: Style Properties -> Sidebar -> Block Headings

7.) which grey border exactly? There's only a solid background color set: Style Properties -> Footer -> Main
FA+ needs to be cleaned up with the footer property but check: Style Properties -> Flat Awesome Plus properties, uncheck the match legal.

I of course just got locked out of my dev site so I'll need to check on it in the morning to clarify :rolleyes:

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