How would one go from changing this...


into this...


You will notice the size difference. Width is fine but when this image is plugged in it hides more than half of it down below the navigation bar so I was wondering if there was a code I was missing or a spot in the Style Options for APEX LIGHT?
I don't know exactly where it is but there is a setting somewhere where you can increase the size of the height.

I'm sure the gurus will be along soon to give a definitive answer.

Edit: Found it --> Style Properties: Header and Navigation
Thank you1! I feel a little foolish now for not finding that LOL but I have it added. I'll add a background back to it at some point once I decide on a color scheme but for today this will do so I can cut these guys over from the SMF version to the new XenForo site.
To make it future proof in regards to upgrades I would:

Save the new logo as logoc.png

Go to Style Properties -> Header and Navigation -> Set the Logo Image Path just change the logo.png to logoc.png

Then you'll need to adjust the height accordingly.

This will make it so even if you upload the new upgrade packages you're not overwriting our logo every single time.

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