Hi there,

We have a custom lighter version of Fusion Gamer Russ has been doing but with a lot of work he is still doing I thought I would make a post here in case someone else has an answer and I do not have to keep bugging him :p

  1. When hovering over things such as alerts, the background colour is making it hard to see the text, this also happens on various other windows, is there a main place to edit this colour?
  2. Links are black over the forums but when hovering they turn white, where can I adjust the hover colour for links globally?
  3. When hovering over a button such as 'Post Reply' the text is initially white but then turns black, this again happens all over the forum, is there a place to adjust this hover colour too?

I think those are the major issues at the moment, any help is appreciated, thanks.


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Probably Style Properties -> Message Elements -> User Generated Link: Hover, I'm assuming that would cover the chat box(it controls the default user message links when hovered)

1.) Try editing the background color: Style Properties -> [XB] Header and Navigation- > ├ Visitor Tab Popup Sec. Unread

3.) All the button properties are: Style Properties -> Buttons

You may need to adjust a color in these various properties:

OK cheers, will mess around with those.

I modified the forum link hover how you mentioned but unfortunately it does not work for taigachat =\

Also, loving the breadcrumb work!
OK, the buttons are solved but I have these issues still as attached, the hover on inbox/alerts and whenever you have a window popup like attached the text is hard to read on the white version of this theme. It's not plugin specific as it happens on multiple ones. Just those and the taigachat link hover colour.


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