Hi Russ, does the Bolt theme introduce any extra cookies via Javascript?

If so, what are the names of the cookies and their functionality.


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There are mainly three things that stick out:

collapse categories
collapse sidebar
change width

All of these features use XenForo's own toggle + cookie system, we don't include extra JS for it.

<a class="pageWidthToggle xb-toggle-default" data-xf-click="toggle" data-target="html" data-active-class="xb-toggle-default" data-xf-init="toggle-storage" data-storage-type="cookie" data-storage-expiry="31556926" data-storage-key="_xb-width">
                                Change width

<span id="collapse-6" class="collapseTrigger collapseTrigger--block  is-active" data-xf-click="toggle" data-target=".block--category6 .block-body" data-xf-init="toggle-storage" data-storage-type="cookie" data-storage-expiry="31556926" data-storage-key="_node-6"></span>

<a class="toggleSidebar" data-xf-click="toggle toggle-storage" data-active-class="xb-sidebar-show" data-target="html" data-xf-init="toggle-storage" data-storage-type="cookie" data-storage-expiry="31556926" data-storage-key="sidebar_collapse">
                                Toggle sidebar

I hope that helps.
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Would you happen to know the name of the cookie that this is stored? I'm probably missing something obvious.

If you right click the page using Chrome/Firefox and click inspect element, you'll be able to see the name.

For chrome, click the application tab -> Expand cookies -> Click the URL.

Since we use the default XF toggle, it would really just be something like


Doing it on this site, while I don't have toggles setup, it would be pe_toggle. Again though, this is all default in XenForo so I really don't think you'd need to do anything extra, I could be wrong though.

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