Is it possible that I copy my existing style properties to another child style of Flat Awesome+? Apparently, I've messed up something on this current child style but I've done so many changes and I can't find the thing that's causing this:


The sheet type css stuff.
@bt012ss just a heads up, I would never ever check that box when exporting. I really don't think it should be available that easily to be honest. Basically what that will do will export your child style with ALL of the parents customization and properties, so if you were to import it as a child it would duplicate all of the properties.

@Blast it usually means some sort of missing closing bracket possibly, it's really hard to say as it's not like that by default, but with that account I have if you want to grant it access to the appearance options in the admin panel I can take a look.
I don´t think so Russ.
I´ve done it very often so with an UI.X Style and there is after the way i told above an exact copy of my first child without any duplicated properties.
For me it works perfect so.
Sorry I misspoke, they don't duplicate the properties but it's still not the right way to do it. When you do that it will show every xenbase property as if it's customized which can cause some headaches. Also when you export with that box checked you import all of those properties again, so if we change a property name or remove it your style that you exported by checking that box will not be updated / removed.

This is a style re-imported as a child after being exported with the box checked.


So your style will show every single property that is apart of xenbase as if it's customized and when we make changes it will not trickle down to a future update to your child style.

The box is meant for.. well here's one scenario:
If we work on XenBase and want to make a rather large change, we can create a child style of XenBase and put all the changes into that child. Once we're happy and it's working good we can export the child and check that box making it a complete style and not just a child style.

Look at the file size even of a child (smaller) compared to being exported as an independent.

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