XF 1.x Core Buttons - Updating to 1.5.6



I'm going to be updating to 1.5.6 on my live site in the next few days, and I'm a little nervous as I'd made quite a few changes that are lost with the new update. I'm sure it'll all be worth it, but I don't like change! :D

The most noticeable thing is the new buttons - I know you've made a change here, but they look ugly now on my test site. How do I change them back - I wasn't sure from the patch notes, as two new properties were added, but one seemed to have been removed (or I'm blind / tired!). They have gone from this:


to this:


There are a lot of other changes, such as the mobile top menu which I had already customised (and posted my method on these forums), but I might try and get used to what you've done as it's probably more widely usable, and I don't want the hassle of having to keep re-doing it every update.

Thanks for the help as always - I'll try to keep the questions to a minimum when I do the live update!


Pixel Exit Staff
Style Properties: Buttons -> Button

Look for any properties that are calling the old style property name: xbButtonBorder, and change it to the new xbButtonBackground, in your case check the border-color.

You can disable the off-canvas menu if you want easily and use the default method:
Style Properties: └ ─ Mobile Enhancements

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