Not a Bug Core - what's new and new posts bug

Discussion in 'Closed Reports' started by kaieivindm, Feb 8, 2018.

  1. kaieivindm

    kaieivindm Customer

    @Russ and @Steve seems like there are some strange update bugs in Core for XF 2.0.

    Don't know if this is as designed, but I find it a bit strange.
    It seems like new threads or new posts in existing threads won't show in What's New -> New posts until someone posts another post or create a new thread.

    Steps to recrate at my forum.

    1) User A create post 1 in an existing thread
    2) It will not show in What's New -> New Posts
    3) It will show at the forum frontpage (home)
    4) User B create post 2 in another existing thread
    5) Post 1 will now show in What's New -> New Posts
    6) Both shows at the forum frontpage (home)
    7) User C create post 3 in an existing thread
    8) Post 1 and 2 willl now show in What's New - New Posts
    9) All 3 posts shows on forum frontpage (home)
    and so on, same for threads.

    Example of frontpage, I created 6 threads.

    Example of What's New -> New posts only 5 shows. Until I create a new thread again, then Test 6 will show in New Posts.


    This does not happened when I use Core (parent do not edit) as default style, but my child styles below it.
    Basically just created a style below and using as standard.
  2. kaieivindm

    kaieivindm Customer

    Images can be seen on, so they are the same. Else I can take new ones...
  3. Russ

    Russ Designer

    Are you using 2 different browsers to test this out? Or logging out and logging in via the same browser? I can't seem to replicate this at all, nor do I see how a style would affect this, to be honest.
  4. kaieivindm

    kaieivindm Customer

    Firefox and Chrome.

    Same behaviour in both with all users.

    Well, it's really easy for me to re-produce with the style child I use.

    Maybe some things is not right in the xml?
  5. Russ

    Russ Designer

    Can you submit a ticket with 2 logins and a URL so I can test it out. Also let me know which threads to post in, my setup I can't replicate it.
  6. kaieivindm

    kaieivindm Customer

    I will be out traveling the next 4 days, Will setup something Monday.
    Russ likes this.
  7. Steve

    Steve Designer

    The what's new page is cached heavily, does the posts show in the new posts page/link? You'll need to test with a separate browser/account though.
  8. kaieivindm

    kaieivindm Customer

    What New and New posts links av oss pretty much the same at all times. And yes, tested with 4 browsers and 4 accounts. Same result.

    Until I change from the child style to Core parent, then all shows at once the thread or post is created.
  9. Steve

    Steve Designer

    It’s just strange that such a function is style related especially when we don’t do anything out of the norm.
  10. kaieivindm

    kaieivindm Customer


    Ticket created with the logon information.

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