Couple More Questions about XenBase


  1. Does the XenBase Framework have a Sticky Header? Or is it just Sticky Nav?
  2. Is there any JS Jump to Top/Bottom? Or is it just the standard default from XF?
  3. Could I get away with the following layout for example:
    -XenBase Framework [Do Not Edit]
    --Zipped [Do Not Edit]
    ---Zipped [My Edits]
    ----Zipped Dark [Inheritance + My Edits]
    and therefore allowing setting and style property inheritance on both light/dark without having to edit both?
I think that's it, since you already answered a couple of my questions in my last pre-sales thread.

Thanks :)


Pixel Exit Staff
We have the following sticky options which will all work together(as in they'll stack):

  • Moderator Bar
  • Main Navigation Bar
  • Sub-Navigation Bar
  • Sidebar

We have a built in jump to top/bottom yes :)

Your style setup would work yes.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


Awesome thanks @Russ, I think that might be it as core features we currently use in our framework are:
  • Style Layout as per OP
  • Font Awesome Icons (customised by CSS)
  • Responsive/Flexible Node Layouts (which you said is coming)
  • Sticky Header
  • Jump to Top/Bottom
  • Hide Extra Info
Others include Collapse Sidebar (which I'd assume is included?) and collapse Signatures (which you've said isn't available). The last thing is moving the visitor tab links into the mod bar so it's at the top out of the navbar but I'm not overly fussed about that, provided it didn't take up too much space since we pretty much have a hugely filled navbar as it is...

Pre-Sale Questions

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