Couple quick questions...


I am working on getting the functionality of my site going before I worry about a style. I'm almost certain I will be going with one of the styles found here, but before I get to that point I have a couple questions:

1.) I like the "Admin Center" add-on that I found on, but it show compatibility with 1.4... Are there any issues with this on 1.5.2?

and then 2.) I noticed that in the text of the resource description you mentioned it was free to active customers. So if I was to buy a theme, would I in turn be able to purchase the Admin Center add-on along with it? Or was this meant for returning customers as opposed to new?

The admin center works on 1.5.2, we have an update coming out soon for it and we can update the official description.

In regards to it being free, basically once you purchase a style you can go back to the store and add it to your cart like normal, the store will apply the full discount for you.

Pre-Sale Questions

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