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Yes, being slightly a perfectionist due to my ADD is no fun so I need a couple tweaks to balance things out :)

1: I need the glass to be aligned with the others :) also where can I play with the background?

2: How do I get the top of the top block aligned with the top of forums/threads?
I see in the overview it's aligned correctly it's only different in thread and post view.

3: That is the like bar, how do I make the height smaller and then lower the bar a bit?

4: Any way to center the username and title above the user banner?


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1.) Does it not align for you on stock XF either? We don't really make adjustments here.

You can add this to your extra.less though:

.p-navgroup-link--search i:after {
    position: relative;
    top: -1px;

The background color can be set: Style Properties -> Header and Navigation -> Header adjustment color

2.) Even if you adjust it here, there may be other parts where it won't align. That block wasn't really meant to match with that content. You can adjust the padding top/bottom though: Style Properties -> Sidebar -> Sidebar headings

3.) No property, you can just use CSS:

.XenBase .message .likesBar { css here }
add whatever you want.

4.) Not on the horizontal post, no.

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