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    We want to take a moment to say thank you to everyone. Pixel Exit has grown tremendously compared to our first year in business and we're constantly growing thanks to the XenForo community. We've dedicated ourselves to Pixel Exit and we surely hope it shows.

    As 2015 comes upon us we have some goals and ideas we want to get out:
    • More frequent style releases with new creative ideas
    • Improvements to our XenBase(as we always do :)) and our existing styles
    • More awesome resources for our customers
    • Better support times(we're pretty good most of the time (y)
    Over the next week or so our time will be limited as we'll be spending time with our families but we'll do our best to answer questions as fast as we can.

    As a token of our extreme gratitude we're offering a 30% coupon off your entire cart contents until this Sunday 12/28/2014. By cart contents this means you can get discounted branding removal as well along with your style (y)

    Use the coupon code: THANKSFOR2014

    Also we're currently scheduling out custom work for the start of the new year so if you are interested in getting a completely custom design at an extremely competitive rate, fill out our work request form: (we fill up quick so do it fast!).

    Thanks again everyone, we hope you enjoy your holidays.
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