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Hi Russ,
This question is about some ghost code. Were making our way back around to our almost complete extra.css. While cleaning it up we came across some styling we cannot identify. We've searched high and low for a file containing this code via ftp, searched templates, etc. but no luck. Starting to think it belonged to an old Add-on that's since been uninstalled. Was hoping you could identify it off memory alone if it belongs to FlatAwesome.

It is: .external

Any idea?
Thank you


Pixel Exit Staff
Not something we use...if you can't find it via searching it using the XF styles search, you could try exporting it and opening with a word editor like Notepad++, searching for .exteranl there. If no results are found... could be an add-on. One thing off the top of my head would be a template mod, those wouldn't be searchable in the templates.
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