Brian M

Ive just aquired the 'Splash style' and wish to customise it ..... I can use the colour palette ok but is there an easy way to have the rest of the colour scheme flow on from setting the base colour of the main header bars ..... in other words so the primary, secondary and tertiary colours throughout the forum are pleasant to the eye without having to go thru the lengthy process of each individual change and matching .

Or alternatively is there someone who can do this for me

Id like to setup 3 custom colour schemes as the next step will be to have 3 or more custom forum logo /headers designed to match.

Thanx :)

rgb(55, 111, 232).jpg

rgb(117, 112, 70).jpg

rgb(224, 48, 48).jpg
So this is how I'd approach it... bare with me as child styles can be confusing at first but will save you some headaches the road.

So your style setup should be like:

  • XenBase (Parent DO NOT EDIT)
    • Splash (Parent DO NOT EDIT)
      • 250 CC Motorcycle Forum (Blue)
        • 250 CC Motorcycle Forum (Brown)
        • 250 CC Motorcycle Forum (Red)

So you'll never touch the parent styles xenbase/splash. Put all of your primary edits and main color changes into the (Blue) version. Then on the child styles Brown and Red only change the color palette. If you want to make an edit to a template or insert an advertisement do it on the blue version so the edits trickle down to your child styles.

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