Hey! I hope you are all well :)

I am trying to set up the custom comments option in XenPorta 2, however there seems to be something in XenBase that is causing a conflict.

You can see how the custom comments work here:

Notice that the avatar area is small, and the column is narrow.

When I enable custom comments on a default skin, I also get the same. However when I switch to my custom skin (Core Dark, but also just using the XenBase skin) the avatar area is much wider which throws the page off. It's also not picking up the correct colours, but I've not looked into that so much yet.

Here are some screenshots to show what is happening. Custom comments on a default skin:

Custom comments on a XenBase skin (Core Dark):


Any help would be appreciated! Many thanks :)
Sorry for the late response,

I checked your site but it appears the default layout is enabled so I can't see what's causing it although I have an idea.

Try this in your extra.css:

.EWRporta2_ArticleView .messageSimple .messageInfo { margin-left: 65px !important; }
That's awesome - that fixed the avatar column width perfectly, and also gave me a clue on how to fix the font and background colours:

.EWRporta2_ArticleView .message .messageContent { color: @contentText !important; }
.EWRporta2_ArticleView .message { background-color: @xbSecondaryContent !important; }

Thanks so much Russ :)
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