Hey recently bought one of your skins was wondering how would I replace the font for the headers of each section with a custom truetype font I have

I did some edits in chrome developer tools and swapped out the font name as a test (ignore the word spacing i will fix that too hopefully)

Is there a way to hook a custom font up via some css? Or is that inside xenoforo
For the most part our fonts are controlled by 2 properties:

[XB] General Setup -> Primary/Secondary Web fonts. For the most part the Secondary one will control the headers but Frag Zone I believe uses the same across the board. You can define your custom font inside extra.css then set the font-family in the property above.
Alright I've followed your instructions and added it to extra.css however is there a global way to reduce the word spacing. I tried adding word-spacing in the font face however no effect.

Added word-spacing: -3px; to several config options manually just thought maybe theres a way to apply it globally to the font.
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