How can adding Custom navigation icons?

Basically need to inspect element and add your own icons:

.p-nav-list .p-navEl a.p-navEl-link[data-nav-id="imagehost"]:before { content: "\f085"; }

Can't see your other items logged out, but if you inspect element on the image host tab you can see the data-nav-id, then you'll need to find the icon:

Just as a heads up our site's going down for an upgrade and will be down most of the day.
I have added to extra.less Templates, Does this correct code?

// Navigation icons
.p-nav-list .p-navEl a.p-navEl-link[data-nav-id="imagehost"]:before { content: "\f093"; }
.p-nav-list .p-navEl a.p-navEl-link[data-nav-id="snog_forms_nav"]:before { content: "\f0fe"; }
.p-nav-list .p-navEl a.p-navEl-link[data-nav-id="dbtechShop"]:before { content: "\f217"; }

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