Custom Styles?


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Alright soo...

I have been a customer of you guys for some time now. With this new forum I have, I have went with XenForo, purchased a premium domain, even paid $200 for a custom logo. So I was thinking Why not go full out and get some real dedication into the community by giving it a custom design.

Of course, you guys where my first thought and choice. Seeing as I have worked with your framework on two of my forums already.

After the holidays I was thinking of getting one done. However, I am wanting to know how far it will set me back ;)
A given estimate on how much roughly custom designs you do go for?
About time :) hah!

Ideally we use this:

for our all of our custom work inquiries. The prices truly do vary depending on how much customization you want done, if you want us to customize a pre-made style of ours or build from the ground up. If you could fill that link out, it's not too time consuming I process! It starts a thread which we use to communicate throughout the process if you decide to proceed with it all. The thread can only be viewed you whoever submits it and us(staff on PE)
Ahh, just sent one in thanks :)

I think I would like a custom one to be made. If not, one based around gamer time.

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