I have decided to update to xen and use the specific skin for the forums I manage. Considering that it is my very first time working with xen, I have encountered some troubles.

-the body background image does not resize to desired screen size. The default size I used was 1920x1080 in order to fit most monitors but after checking on a 1680x1050 screen size, the image gets cut.
I know the default size for the background is 1920X1080 but I want two seperate images to be in the side of the forum.. so no matter to what size the forum gets resized the same images remain on the sides (basically I do not wish for the image to not show or to go under my main forum).


I need to change the colour of these bars to a more fitting blue, however, the options are so many, i get lost easily. For now, I used the default blue the skin provides. Is there a way to provide me the exact place where I can edit the colour, even adding a gradient if possible?

please note that since I have only recently started working on this kind of things, my knowledge is limited to average. I might end up asking more things as the customization continues.

Thank you


Hi Mark

Sorry for the delay in response we seem to have missed your post.

Some of things you listed will be much easier to do on our next update to the styles. Fusion Gamer will be put on our XenBase framework and has options for background stretch to fit the visitors screen size better.
@Russ can better assist with the heading color you need but like I said the next update will help greatly.

What color heading would you like? Do you have a hex value you would want to use?

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