Dark vs light


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What do you guys prefer, dark or light styles? In my opinion light can look better and prettier but dark is more cosy and better on my eyes. So I prefer medium dark
I've always been a fan of a combination, little blend of dark and white with the light being the main content, like our old site:

I think that our eyes are naturally better at interpreting white space than dark space, which makes it easier to create a light theme that looks professional. However, my own preference to use is a dark theme as it's easier on the eyes - especially on a mobile at night in a dark room!

With that said, I really like the light / dark switch that is available now in the themes so it's really a simple user choice :)
Why don't you just have both? I feel like having more flexibility makes it user friendly. I personally prefer light themes but there is a dark option there too for those who wish to use dark.

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