Not a Bug Default Avatar Image won't display


Hey Russ, I have a Default avatar image URL specified and all the settings in place to show a default avatar, but it won't display. I replicated the settings in the default style and it works. Is there anything that needs to be done beyond what was suggested here:


Pixel Exit Staff
Do you by chance have your Avatar size set to "Large" under Style properties -> Messages?

If so, that's the problem, it's a bug on our end.

You can add this to extra.less:

@media (min-width: @xf-messageSingleColumnWidth)   
    .message-avatar .avatar--l
        width: 139px !important;
        height: 139px !important;

Or change the size to Medmium

This is fixed for the next release as it was reported a little while back in a ticket.

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