I am trying to learn the various style variables with the Bolt style.

I have built a light child theme and imported the Bolt dark theme. When I enable design mode in the light theme, refresh the site, the tool tips show the various links back to the style admin pages. Two issues:

1) is there a way to select the underlying button when the tooltip covers it? ie, if you hover over the light bulb, the tooltip shows and won't let you select the bulb to switch styles

2) when I try to use design mode with the dark theme, nothing shows up. Is it not compatible with dark?

The current design mode, while nice... is a bit of a pain! A complete revamp of is coming in the next release or two.

1.) Currently, if you start the tooltip at the corner of the element it should allow you to click on it from there.

2.) Seems to work fine on your site (this may have been from the installation prior). The dark palette shouldn't cause any issues though.

Preview of how the new setup will work:

Rather than hovering, you click to activate it. This approach allows you to see what items have elements on them rather than guessing which do which is a pleasant bonus.

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