Estimated Russ,

after the liberation of the beta 5 of fusion gamer, I have some doubts ...


1. - The staff member is not modified?
2. - The text editor icons do not look good, are as saturated or have a double shadow?

Greetings and thank you very much for the release
1.) Staff member is CSS is part of your control panel, you'll need to edit it through there.

2.) Not double shadow, it brightens upon activating the editor though
(I couldnt edit my post for whatever reason.)

The text is almost painful to read, a better styled css for this would make all the difference, this isnt a setting, its defined in the css as:

.userBanner.bannerStaff { color: @primaryMedium; background-color: @primaryLighterStill; border-color: @primaryLighter; }
.userBanner.bannerStaff.wrapped span { background-color: @primaryLighter; }

I could be mistaken though, and if I am, please let me know.


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