Fixed Detour 1.5.7 no comment separators

Discussion in 'Closed Reports' started by Bionic Rooster, May 3, 2016.

  1. Bionic Rooster

    Bionic Rooster Well-Known Member

    Before submitting a bug report we usually recommend trying to replicate the problem on a default XenForo style(if applicable) to eliminate the possibility of it being a bug related to our styles.

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    Bug Report Details: In this articleÁforas-em-duas-rodas.77/ and others there is no separator box between comments using Detour. first pic is of Blackend Pro, second is Detour same page
    Screenshot_1.jpg Screenshot_2.jpg

    Added note: it is the same with Showcase, boxes for comments in Blackend Pro, none in Detour
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  2. Steve

    Steve Designer

    I'll take a look at it for the next update. Probably some improvements that can made.

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  3. Russ

    Russ Designer

    By default there is normally a bottom border on: Style Properties -> Building Blocks -> PrimaryContent, you can try adding one using 1px solid @xbPrimaryBorder color, although the class is pretty global so just keep an eye out for things :).
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  4. Bionic Rooster

    Bionic Rooster Well-Known Member

    That works as a stop gap sort of thing but it would look more uniform with the blocks like Blackend Pro.
    Thanks for the suggestion (y);)
  5. Bionic Rooster

    Bionic Rooster Well-Known Member

    Thanks Steve.
  6. Russ

    Russ Designer

    I've added in a border-bottom to the primaryContent on Detour, this is by default on XF so ideally it should be there to help with these third party plugins :).

    Adjusted in 1.5.9
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