XF 1.x Detour Nav adjustment

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How can I make the spaces between nav bar items so the last one shows?

BTW your 'Upload a File' doesn't work, i get this error and had to drag and drop the files.


Pixel Exit Staff
Few things, which I'll have Steve touch up on, go to: Style Properties -> [XB] Header and Navigation -> Moderator Bar CSS -> Remove the top and bottom padding. The height should be controlled via the height on the bottom left.

For the navigation tabs you can do a few things to help...
Style Properties -> Header and Navigation -> Navigation Tabs Container -> Remove padding left and right.

While your in there you can reduce the font size down to like 14px or 15px, it may actually show it then.

If you need further adjustments because it's not showing, EXTRA:CSS:
.XenBase .navTab .navLink {
  padding: 0px 10px;

Also in extra.css to fix those bubbles:

.XenBase .navTabs .navLink .itemCount {
  top: 2px;

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