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Please could you have a look at the attached image of the Detour theme.
There is a bug whereby if there are more than 99 pages in a thread (double digit pages) the third digit appears outside of the Grey box.
It's hard to explain but the attached image will show what I mean.
Is there a way in css maybe to expand the grey box to enclose all of the digits.

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Hi Steve.
After I wrote you I found the css that controls the width of the box's, it was set at 19px, I changed it to a higher number (26px) and now everything looks fine. Thanks for your reply anyway.


Pixel Exit Staff
I've approached this on a XenBase level, essentially rather than inheriting the default XenBase SMALL font it'll use 11px (XF uses 11px by default). What could happen on the current releases is if you changed the font size or even family possibly it would make the #'s go outside the box on 3 digits page nav.

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