Detour has been updated to be compatible with XenForo 1.2.0.
  • Fully responsive
  • Redesigned navigation for easier transition to the responsive framework.
  • [XB] Advanced Footer Updated for responsive layouts.
XenBase New Features
  • Added the ability to style default prefixes easily with style properties.
    • Style Properties -> [XB] Prefixes ->
  • Updated Advanced Footer layout to XenForo 1.2 responsive code.
Customers can download the newest version from their Account area now!


Pixel Exit Staff

Ahm, when i make this Style FLUID, is it still responsive? Or only when its is a FIXED Style? Thx.

It's responsive either way, for a fixed width use max-width: 990px for example in the Page Width Controller(Style Properties/General).

For fluid use width: 90%

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