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The Apex Light style has blue as a dominant color.

I'd like to make the same exact style as red, orange, etc....

Which property do I change?


What would be the hierachy?

  1. -XenBase 1.4.2
  2. - Apex Light
  3. - Apex Blue
  4. - Apex Red
  5. - Apex Green
  6. - And so on????

Ideally your setup would be:

  • XenBase
    • Apex Light
      • Your Custom style you put all your edits into
        • Custom Red
        • Custom Green
        • Custom Yellow
This way you put all your main edits into "Your custom style", but only change the Color palette (xbcolor1 I think it is) to the new color you want on the child styles.
Sorry, having a brain freeze.

I'd like to make an exact copy(copies) of the style I'm using. It's the blue and then I'd like a red, green, etc.... So when I make a change it trickles down automatically to the blue, red, green, etc...

How do I accomplish this?


EDIT: Also, I don't think it's xbcolor1 to change colors (post #2). Which one is it?

Again, thank you!!
Just create child styles of your primary style:

  • XenBase
    • Apex
      • - Your custom style default is blue
        • - Red child of your custom style(only change the xbColor1/primaryMedium/inlineMod would effect the blues)

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