I was just thinking (and forgive me if this has already been posted somewhere, but I did not see it among the active suggestions), that maybe in the next update to the XF 2 skins, the designers could add in a DISCORD URL in Basic Options (style templates), because it has become such an integral community app - and not just for gamers, either. I see things like VK URL and GitHub, etc. and it just dawned on me that Discord is not among those listed yet it is VERY popular.

I hope the designers consider adding it in the near future.
So the reason it hasn't been added before is that Font Awesome 4.x doesn't actually have a Discord icon. They introduced it into v5 which we may see get implemented into XenForo 2.1. There's no guarantee on that but they mentioned that would be the earliest release we'd potentially see it introduced.

Using FA icons makes it easy to style them via color/sizing/various FA icon types usually ect so I'm not sure I'll add this in just yet.

That being said it's pretty easy to add your own icon right now. First, you'll want to download the PNG version of the icon, or whichever icon you want to use and upload it to your style folder.

Official icons:

Next open: xb_social_icons

Add the icon where you want, I placed this between facebook + twitter:
<a href="discordurl" class="shareButtons-button shareButtons-button--discord"><img src="https://discordapp.com/assets/2c21aeda16de354ba5334551a883b481.png"></a>

Of course, you'll want to update the image discord URL to yours.
Then in your extra.less:
a.shareButtons-button.shareButtons-button--discord img {
    max-width: 26px;

You may need to adjust to your liking.

I think... at least for now this should be done manually as above and I won't be adding it until we get proper Font Awesome 5 support. I hope this helps though.

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