Hello all ,

i want to know if someone have a solution to make all username display here ...
i allow username on inscription 3-13 letters max but here a problem .. when its like 12-13 , its not appear here :

if someone have a solution to appear it or make the size reduced ? idk ..

thank you


Pixel Exit Staff
Does it not drop below the avatar when it's too long for you?

You can reduce the size of it:
#AccountMenu.Menu .menuHeader h3 a {
    font-size: 12px;

Add this to extra.css


OHH i juste understand ... here a probleme :( , because i changed the color of this cause it was not visible or not beautiful (red..) i want it on White color


and now , i think when you changed the color of username of pop up , it change here too ... :(

have you a solution please to make it white here only ? .. :(

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