Not Planned Do you think we can have a font awesome icon on the banners?

I find there is a cross over between the unlimited user group banners addon (from another developer) and the great customization options you provide in the Style-Properties / User Banners of your theme.

The only difference is:

unlimited user banners : uses font awesome as an icon
pixel exit core : uses background images (which I haven't figured out yet)

In a future release, would there a way to include the font awesome icon on the banner in a similar way the other addon does, so I wouldn't have to choose between the two options. :)

font awesome.JPG



Pixel Exit Staff
You might need to just disable our custom style if you're going to use other add-ons to change the icons.

Icons in the style on something like that wouldn't work that well. Every banner would be different for every forum, and it's not something we'd be able to implement into the style.
I'm not sure what you mean. The image I posted was using both, the other addon, and your custom styling.
  • The first, third, and fourth banners, were done with the addon, which uses font awesome as the icon.
  • And the second (yellow) banner was done with your custom styling.
Both work right out of the box....

Your Style: (second banner)


Addon: (other 3 banners)



Pixel Exit Staff
Sorry, didn't understand initially. I don't think I'll be adding properties because there's not a simple way of doing that.

That being said, you could actually do this easily using the "Extra box".

Add this to that box at the bottom:

   margin-right: 5px;

Like so:

(I added the margin after the screenshot). This way it avoids me adding an icon property for every single prefix to make things nice and clean.

You are totally awesome!

And in fact, you did manage to include font awesome icons in your custom style theme. Therefore the addon is no longer needed, I do not need to choose, and world is great again!

Thanks! :)(y):)
If anyone wants to do this, then I found these settings to work well.

Freeform CSS/LESS code:
    position: absolute;
    left: 9px;
    min-width: 20px;
    .m-faContent("\f6eb");  //font awesome icon code

It displays as this:


I'm not sure if the code can be cleaned up, I'm just a hack, but still, I got it work well using the above.

Thanks and good luck all!

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