Tracy Perry

Really need one.. I'm looking at renewing one of my XF licenses for a pipe/tobacco site.. and ALL the themes I've used on it (IPS and SMF) have been "earth tones".

As an example.... the current SMF style

Screen Shot 2023-07-14 at 10.48.27 AM.png

I haven't see anything "stock" with PixelExit that I could work similar to this without extensive work (which honestly, I don't have the time to do currently)..
Any suggestions?
I'm toying with renewing an XF license and converting the site over to it (currently running SMF) or breaking down and getting IPS knowing that version 5 will probably be the last of their "stand-alone" scripts.
I don't want to have to reinvent the wheel, but prefer to be able to "tweak" a a solid base like I have with Bolt for my Astro site.

The IPS style I used was from Ehren and I know they used to make XF styles.. but apparently since they were involved with creating the default IPS style, they are all in there and have kicked XF to the curb (one reason I didn't use them as I had a feeling that was what would happen).
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Tracy Perry

BTW, no I'm not adverse to paying for a new style... but I really would like to be pointed at a style that doesn't take "drastic" changes to be made to it. And I have to take into consideration the XF renewal costs, the add-on costs for the site and the style when comparing to IPS... I'm somewhat familiar with Pages and can re-create (at a bare-bones minimum) what XenAddon's 3rd party add-ons do.... and know there is a "earth tone" style out there that I have used in the past for the site.
So ultimately... it comes down the the basic mighty dollar.

Tracy Perry

Have gotten a little wish-washy over the last day or so over if I want to renew that license or pursue a different venue of script for it (IPS or Woltlab)... but if I decide to go ahead and renew, will hit you up.

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