Not sure if this should go as a bug or suggestion, hence posting here.

When enabled, the nice, tiny and red "NEW" button indicator is shown on the forum_list page as well as on the posts itself to indicate a new post.

However, that nice button is not shown in the Thread List page (forum_view template). Can we also have this indication of new posts in the Thread List page as well?
Just to demonstrate what I was talking about. Would love to have that NEW indicator in bottom picture as well.


The NEW is strictly for the nodes.

As for a new indicator technically on Edge it uses a custom FA icon:


Alright I think I can do something a little nice, maybe an icon legend at the bottom like the old days :).
Oh thanks, that would be nicer. The current implementation is nice as well, but may be little too subtle :p. I have an extremely positive feedback from my members about new EDGE look, the only complaint so far was why I don't have a new indication on thread list view.

And to be fair to them, I myself didn't notice that change in the FA icon :p

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