The green color is cool, but it does not fit me. So I need to change all the navigation, links, etc to blue (#0072bc).

In the block quote on the left the color is red, not green.

To change the background color in the block quote. It is possible a code sample, the color I will choose for myself.

To reduce the vertical distance between messages.

Link color in posts is blue (#0072bc) , when you hover to link isolated blue background and the text became white. How it's done on this forum.
Only links if it is possible that the names of the participants remained such what is now black.


That's all, but later I'll ask something :)
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How to change the background of the name and status of the user. The code example.
I want this background to make one with the background of a block quote.

How to make a frame around the block with information about the user black color? She is now gray.

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The primary green colors can be set in:

Color Palette, the blue/green is adjusted there.

BBQuotes can be styled here: Style Properties -> BB Code Elements -> BB Code Block

Style Properties -> Message Layout -> Message Layout, reduce the Message Container margin-bottom.

Style Properties -> Message Elements -> User Generated Link / Hover can control the message links.

Style Properties -> Message Layout, these control that user block:

The message text by default inherits: Style Proeprties -> Color Palette -> Content text

Style Properties: Message Elements -> Signature can contorl that dotted line.

Reducing the overall spacing of the design, you may want to reduce the spacer settings herea: Style Properties -> [XB] General Setup

Page nav can be found: Style Properties -> Page Nav.

A lot of the things you're asking for are simply in the style properties, do a quick search of the style properties prior to asking. The page nav for instance, Style Properties _> Page Nav, and upon entering there you can see the active page nav property.
Ya extra.css is meant for things that the style properties don't cover. Ideally, style properties should be used first, followed by extra.css tweaks.

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