Well after years of getting into forums and dropping out and always wanting to purchase a theme but then not having an idea for a forum - I finally returned and the first thing I did was get the EDGE theme right here at PIXEL EXIT and I have to say I am loving it :)

I have however, come to an issue and I was hoping either @Russ or a fellow customer here could help me out :)

As I said I have the EDGE theme and I am trying to make it look something like our main website without going too indepth as this isn't designed to be big or massive, but is built to evolve over time :)

Anyway in the EXTENDED FOOTER I am trying to place a background image. However, cannot for the life of me at the moment get the image to an opacity of 0.3 or cover + position bottom.

Anyone able to help a guy out and provide some insight into getting it how I need/would like :D
Great to hear :)

The easiest method would be to simply make the image have the opacity in some sort of image editing software (like photoshop). Then define the background image under Style properties -> Footer -> Extended footer. Set the background and in the extra box place your css:

background-position: center bottom; background-size: cover;

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