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Discussion in 'Closed Reports' started by jflory7, Mar 6, 2015.

  1. jflory7

    jflory7 Well-Known Member

    Before submitting a bug report we usually recommend trying to replicate the problem on a default XenForo style(if applicable) to eliminate the possibility of it being a bug related to our styles.

    Website address(optional): http://crystalcraftmc.com
    User Agent String: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Fedora; Linux x86_64; rv:36.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/36.0
    Bug Report Details: I noticed on my installation today that it seems the smilies tab for the Legendary style is a bit out of place, and it doesn't seem to render properly as a tab.

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  2. Steve

    Steve Designer

    Thanks for reporting. I'll look at a fix and post results so you can apply it if you wish.
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  3. jflory7

    jflory7 Well-Known Member

    Thanks, looking forward to it!
  4. Russ

    Russ Designer

    Try something like this:

    Copy Source
    html .redactor_box .redactor_smilies .tabs a
    color: #fff;
    line-height: 36px;
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  5. Russ

    Russ Designer

    This is inside 1.4.5 release :)
  6. jflory7

    jflory7 Well-Known Member

    Awesome! And not to be pushy, but there is a general estimate for when we can expect this? You said it would be out in a week or two last month, and I was just curious when it might be on the way (only reason I'm remembering is because there's just a couple irrelevant bugs, like the color of text visible for moderators on deleted posts, that make me remember).

    Even if you have no idea or if you think it would be in May, I was just curious. I am very appreciative of the work you guys put out and I am still a happy customer. :) Looking forward to the 1.4.5 update!
  7. Russ

    Russ Designer

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  8. jflory7

    jflory7 Well-Known Member

  9. Russ

    Russ Designer

    Emails coming shortly :)
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