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I have custom omni based style, but the email style looks all weird/hard to read and not matching the overall style.
Also the logo do not appear, even though the URL is the same as it is in basic settings for the logo.

1.) XF emails don't always include the logo for whatever reason. You could open the "MAIL_CONTAINER" template (click appearance -> templates -> email tab),


            <td class="header" align="center" valign="top">
                <a href="{{ link('canonical:index') }}">{$xf.options.boardTitle}</a>

Replace with:

                <td class="summaryHeaderBar" align="center" valign="top">
                    <xf:if is="property('emailPublicLogoUrl')">
                        <a href="{{ link('canonical:index') }}"><img src="{{ base_url(property('emailPublicLogoUrl'), true) }}" alt="{$xf.options.boardTitle}" /></a>
                    <xf:elseif is="property('publicLogoUrl')" />
                        <a href="{{ link('canonical:index') }}"><img src="{{ base_url(property('publicLogoUrl'), true) }}" alt="{$xf.options.boardTitle}" width="{{ property('publicLogoWidth') ?: '' }}" height="{{ property('publicLogoHeight') ?: '' }}" class="{{ property('publicLogoUrl')|to_lower|substr(-4) == '.svg' ? 'logo-svg' : '' }}" /></a>
                    <xf:else />
                        <a href="{{ link('canonical:index') }}">{$xf.options.boardTitle}</a>

Should make it so the logo is shown on all templates. XF might have a good reason behind this, might be worth asking them. Right now I think the logo is only show on the activity summary for the most part.

For the appearance, double check it's using the correct email for emails: Setup -> Appearance -> Default email style, make sure your style is selected. Omni colors definitely show up correctly when using them on my test boards.

As for the navigation question, I might be confused. You linked a help page "badges" which it does show as an active state in the sidenav where the other link navigation items are. I do not see any navigation tab in the main nav that links to this page. Could you expand on this?
Not entirely sure about the colors.

I'd need a login to probably further debug. If you want to submit a support ticket with one, I can take a closer look and see what might be going on. This area is public here so don't post it in this thread!

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