In FA+,there is a separator in the footer that shows normally between the XF copyright, and the style copyright. the problem is, when you are branding free for both, the separator still shows up, with an unnecessary empty space.


Pixel Exit Staff
There's no way of doing some sort of content check if the branding removal for XF or ours is valid so we'll consider this as-designed.

To apply a CSS fix though this in extra.css should work:

.footerLegal { display: none ;}
Thanks Russ
the issue with this, if I'm not wrong, is that it will hide any other add-on copyright.
I'm not asking to check if there is a branding removal. but thinking if it's possible to include the separator itself in the copyright phrase.
This way, if the copyright is removed, the separator won't show.
I will send you via conversation a screenshot of my forum footer, I remember before the last update I didn't have issues, maybe because my design was different or maybe something has changed.


Pixel Exit Staff
We moved the Terms and Rules + Privacy Policy out of that copyright area into the default footer links. Obviously my CSS should only be applied if you have zero copyrights showing.

That being said I've been meaning to add a CSS property for that footerLegal area, it can go into the next update which you'll be able to adjust the styling of it.

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