XF 1.x Error after importing Xenbase.


After importing Xenbase, I got this error:

If I try to merge, I get this error:
The custom template is out of date but has been edited more recently than the parent. Merging can only be done by hand.

Can anyone lead me to a fix?


Pixel Exit Staff
This is technically just due to being on 1.5.6 which we're pushing out.... tomorrow ideally. You can just open the template on XenBase:

  _jsVersion: "{$xenOptions.jsVersion}",

Add right below:

  _noRtnProtect: {xen:if $enableReverseTabnabbingProtection, 'false', 'true'},

Then click "Save and Exit"

This option was apart of the XF 1.5.6 update:

A new config.php option $config['enableReverseTabnabbingProtection'] has been added to allow you to disable the reverse tabnabbing protection that was added in a recent version. The reverse tabnabbing protection can interfere with some services that manipulate link targets (for example, to include affiliate links). While disabling this removes the protection, the trade off of lost revenue may be worthwhile.


Pixel Exit Staff
It's kind of hard to tell what I'm looking at or I'm missing the obvious :D

I'll probably need a URL to debug. You can submit a ticket or write me privately if you wish to share the URL that way.

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