ETA for the dark Zipped version?


Pixel Exit Staff
I'm doing my best to get it out, it will be free with existing Zipped when it comes. I'm terrible with dates if you haven't found out already (y)


Pixel Exit Staff
Yes and it's understandable. I only wish that I had more patience for new things, lol. I'm looking forward to see the finished style :)

My short term road map, these are my primary focuses

  • New version of (almost done)
  • Zipped Dark (fix a few issues)
  • Release Minecraft Style
  • Release Gamer Time Style
  • XenBase Documentation
We also have a fairly large XenBase update rolling out which we'll be releasing our styles without the XenBase XML. Rather than installing XenBase then say Zipped as a child of XenBase, then create a new child as Zipped, you'll simply import Zipped, then create a child.

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