I purchased the resource addon and inside the descriptions where you add your resource my link/url color is a light grey, which is almost the same color as my regular text. Where can I change the color of the urls?
When I'm in the edit mode it shows the orange url color like this (this is what you see while you are in editing mode)


However, after I submit the info it changes to look like this (this is what you see when you come to view the description)



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We realized we missed the link colors in certain areas. This in extra.less should help:
.bbWrapper a { color: @xf-linkColor; }

We're making a change for the next release.
Actually, I think you might need to use a specific hex for Evolve:

.bbWrapper a { color: #cb7808; }

I see the CSS is loading, but it's inheriting the other link colors which doesn't work well in this case.

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