What's the recommended way to change the colour scheme in FA+?

Do we make changes in the colour palette or in the basic colours settings?

Also is there an easy way to tell which colour is which? e.g. What controls the colour of the category strip?


Not sure if this is right but changing color3 seems to have both the headers AND the text colour. Is that what it's meant to do?



Pixel Exit Staff
Yes, it's meant to be a simplified palette.

You can change individual items though:

  • Navigation row
    • Style Properties -> Header and Navigation -> Navigation row
  • Selection Tab + sub nav
    • Style Properties -> Header and Navigation -> Navigation row - selected tab (the sub nav inherits the background color of this automatically, although Sub-navigation row below can be used to change the color on it's own)
  • Links
    • Inherit that palette color by default but you can easily change them: Style Properties -> Basic Colors -> Link color
  • Block headers
    • Style Properties -> Blocks -> Block header
  • Sidebar headers
    • Style Properties -> Sidebar -> Sidebar headings

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