XF 1.x [FA+] How do I move Quick Search box up to into bar, like FA



I am using FA+ 1.5.3 and would like to move the Quick Search box up into the ligher bar, just below the main nav bar, so in the secondary nav bar where you have 'Watched forums' etc...

Also would like to remove the white around the search box, if possible.
But also work on responsive.


I have a site running the free FA and this is the place I have it, which is the standard place.

Bionic Rooster

This was posted in the release notes
Changed QuickSearch position 5, positions for clarification (Style Properties -> [XB] Quick Search)
  • 0 - Disabled
  • 1 - Default
  • 2 - Inside navigation (lets the quicksearch float with the navigation)
  • 3 - Navigation Search Tab
  • 4 - Visitor Tabs left side
  • 5 - Visitor Tabs right side
  • 6 - Top Bar


Pixel Exit Staff
You'll want to go to style properties : [XB] quick search -> left side quick search CSS:

In the misc box put in this :

top: -30px !important;

You should be able to clear the background color there too. You will need to adjust the 30 px accordingly, I think by default it's -20px just as a heads up
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