I am trying to change the look of my home page, which is using 'Pages' with various modules on it and some text.

The main change I want to make is with the 'New Threads' widget using Expanded display style;.

1. I would like to limit how many words are displayed per post with a Read More link to the post (I did this a few years back but not sure how on XF1).

2. I would like to remove the line under the title with Username Date Posted Forum posted in a Replies, but only on this page, not the forum itself.

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I suppose below your bb_code snippet edit, just add:

<a href="{ link('forums', $thread.Forum) }}" class="button">Read more</a>

does that work for you?

Yes it does but had to add an extra { before link for it to work, but all good now.
I have:

<a href="{{ link('threads', $thread) }}" class="button" style="float:right;">Read more</a>

Thank you :)

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