Hey team,

Look at the instructions, should I import the Flat Awesome Dark XML as a parent style, or as a child of the Flat Awesome style?

My current setup:

I read the instructions, but it just wasn't clear to me. Thanks!


Pixel Exit Staff
Oh my @BoostN I'm not sure how this slipped by me.

I included a readme file to clarify this:

In 2.0 we're approaching light and dark styles in a slightly different manner.

You can now run the dark version by itself without having to install the light style. To do this just import the Flat Awesome Dark XML found inside the /xml/ folder. Make sure to create a child style to place all of your edits in!

Additionally, we've included an alternate version of Flat Awesome Dark that you can import under your child of Flat Awesome Light so you can run a dark version of your style easily. Import the Flat Awesome-Dark XML found inside /
customchilds/ as a child of your style.

So you can do either approach... if you only plan to run the dark style install the parent /xml/ as it's own style, not under light.

I'm really sorry I missed this. If I ever go a couple of days without responding give me a friendly bump!

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