Anne Moss

Something that's been bothering me for a while now and I'd like to finally fix.

So, whenever I use the H2 or H3 etc tags in BBcode there's a lot of space between the title and the text below it.

This is what it looks like in the editor -

And this is the result in the actual page (ignore the floating image on the right, it happens regardless of images) -

It's as if there's a couple of extra empty lines between the h2 and the following paragraphs. I'd like to eliminate some of that space.

What's the right way to go about it, making sure it doesn't get run over during future updates?
h2/h3 a custom bb code you have?

By default, XenForo adds margins to headers so it'll show on the default style as well.


you could add this into your extra.css to reduce/remove them.

.message .baseHtml h1, .message .baseHtml h2, .message .baseHtml h3 { margin: 0px; }
Yes, the BB code is pretty basic, just changing it into the html code.
There's an BR tag created after the H2 tag - I think that's the XF feature you were referring to? It's not needed with an H2 HTML tag :(

The CSS change didn't do much, unfortunately.

The only way I can find around it is by not clicking enter after the H2 tag -

The end result is fine but the code looks ugly :(

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